Who am I?

Hi, in real life my name is Ahmad Moussa. I grew up and lived for the longest part of my childhood in Lebanon, however, my mother being german I also spent many long summers in germany at my grandparents place. In 2010 (when I was 13 years old), I started taking guitar lessons and discovered one of the many passions that I have today. As I grew older I became more and more interested in creating and composing music, but it wasn't until around 2017 when I first tried to learn how to use Logic Pro on an old macbook. Messing around with Logic is what really got me into electronic music, stuff in the style of Tycho. I remember posting my very first 50 second track on soundcloud, sharing it on reddit and getting 80 upvotes. At the time I felt over the moon.

At the same time I had just finished my Bachelor's in Computer Science (with a focus on software development), which I wasn't extremely passionate about. Generally I tried to spend the least amount of time possible on university courses and spend as much time as possible on making music and getting better at it. To say the least, I wasn't doing very well but I was able to keep my head above water.

Fast forward a year, I somehow managed to graduate and find myself in a japanese language school in Tokyo, AND enrolling in a Master's Degree Program. That's when I discovered my passion for research, especially in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence. I discovered that ML/AI had a plethora of creative applications (especially for audio processing) and had a newfound passion for programming and reading research papers. The first couple of weeks were a little rough and I was quite rusty on the programming side of things, especially since I had never used python before at that point. Over the course of two years I managed to publish two research papers, which I'm actually very proud of, in addition to my Master Thesis.

And that's where I am at now, I just graduated, COVID-19 still at large, with vaccines slowly rolling out in most countries. I don't really know what the future holds for me, hence this website. To keep me busy and provide a platform where I can share my interests.

Why Gorilla Sun?

When I created my instagram account, on which I wanted to share my electronic music as well as my guitar playing, I was trying to come up with a quirky name. After making a long list of different names I set it aside and went through it the next day. 'Gorilla Sun' stood out from this list and sounded the best. Partly why I like is also due to how it sounds in japanese: ' ゴリラサン' where 'sun' can sound like the honorific title 'san' which you address colleagues and friends with. Funny, because after all, I am but a sentient monkey.

Later on I this also became my name on spotify and other platforms that I use. So, I guess it kind of is my artist name. And I think you can make an educated guess as to why this blog is called the 'Gorilla Sun Blog'.

Another reason for this alias might be that my name is a little difficult to pronounce for non-arabic speakers, and is also often confused with and pronounced as Ahmed (Ahmad with and e instead of an a), which actually bothers me quite a lot.

What is this blog about?

Firstly and mainly this blog is an outlet for me to speak about my interests and where I can share about things that I find cool. The three main categories of things that you can find on this blog will be about: creative coding, making art and music with computers as well as the occasional machine learning blog post for creative applications. I think that the one thing that gives me the most joy in life is creating, making and building things. Be it music, art or software. I enjoy it even more to share my findings and being able to talk about them to others. I also have a big passion for writing, which is a convenient extra.

Roadmap and Future Plans?

Goal #1 right now is to make a write for all of the things that I've coded up in the past couple of months, as well as in the past two years. My backlog of things to write about is getting way too long! Secondly, a gallery tab for all of my sketches is in the works, but I have yet to figure out a nice way to display all of them! Lastly, I'm also working on another website that is mainly dedicated towards machine learning and data sience topics, and which I hope to get off it's feet very soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

How to support the Blog?

Since I just started this website, the best way to support me would probably be to spread the word about it, click and read through some of the things I've written. Doing so actually helps tremendously because you're telling Google (or other search engines) that my content is relevant in some manner. Alternatively you can have a listen to my music on spotify (think of it as tipping me some micro cents), purchase my music on bandcamp (I donate this money for charity) or even just shooting me an email or message on any of my social media accounts.

Recently I've also started putting up NFTs for sale on hicetnunc.xyz, an NFT market place on an eco-friendly blockchain. You can learn more about that on my Twitter.

Come say hi!

If you've read this far, come say hi to me on some of my social media, I'd love to connect, answer any questions you could possibly have or get to know new people, it's partly why I started all of this.