Glue Gun Constructs


This blog post serves as submission to Raphaël de Courville's weekly creative coding challenge! You might ask: 'Where is the code?', and well, this week's topic was 'Non-computer' so I stepped away from the keyboard for a bit and did something a little different!

For this challenge I channeled my inner child and glue gunned together these little ‘constructs’. Made from scrap I ramsacked from the garage, and some stuff I found in the garden. I’m not going to lie, but it was a lot of fun making these!

Initial Idea: Stop Motion

Initially I wanted to make a stop motion video. It sounded like a fun idea, so I set up my camera in a corner of the room and had a desk lamp light the surface that I was filming. Then I edited and cut out all the parts where my hands were showing, see result:

Stop motion turns out to be quite difficult to record and edit! (I really don't have the patience for editing:P). But I'm certainly going to attempt this idea again at some point in the future (after thinking through my set up a little more).


Here are some pics from the process that I screen grabbed from the videos. They have a certain cozy feel to them. Otherwise there isn’t much to document here, you basically put some glue on something and then stick another thing onto it and hold it for a couple of seconds.


Here are the two ‘chestnut men’ that I came up with. I really like the look of the filaments of the glue, hence I didn’t remove it. Gives it sort of a wild look:

And that’s a wrap, hope you enjoyed! Honk Honk!

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