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What are my blog posts about?

A lot of different things actually! From creative ways of making music to coding visual sketches for your music, the occasional VST plugin review as well as analyses of specific artists' workflows.

Update: 05/25/2021

Recently I have also ventured into the interesting world of decentralized blockchain technology, and have been experimenting with minting interactive p5js sketches on Hence some more recent articles on that!

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Short Instrumentals

I create short guitar instrumentals as well as upbeat electronic music. My music can be found on most major streaming services as well as bandcamp.

Everything I make off of streaming services gets invested back into my music making ~ a whopping 0.75$.

Everything I make off of bandcamp is donated to Lebanese charities and/or NGOs once it ammounts to a considerable sum ~ so far an outstanding 25$. Hopefully one day I can do what I love and help others at the same time!

Machine Learning Blog

Soft Launch: I'm happy to announce that my co-conspirator Wiem and I have finally launched our side project Back to the Prop.

A site dedicated to explaining concepts in Machine Learning, Deep Learning and AI in general, in a simple and understandable manner to the layman. I recommend you scroll through the preview attached here, and see if there's articles that might interest you! We consider it a soft launch, since a bunch of things still need to be put into order before we can dedicate more time to it.


If you've somehow found me for my research, it's probably best to connect with me on ResearchGate. The code for my publications can be found on my Github.

My research interests revolve around applications of Deep Learning for the synthesis of Sounds and Images, audio and image processing in general, and other creative and useful applications.

The research project that I'm most proud of has to be my GAN for the synthesis of color palettes, as it took me more than a year of obsessive learning and coding until I was able to put it together. I will hopefully tackle some improvements in the next couple of months.

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