Working with SVGs in P5JS

P5JS doesn't offer native SVG support, there is however a way to run P5 in an 'SVG' mode using zenozeng's SVG runtime. Running P5 in this SVG mode also requires a lot of interaction with the DOM, which we'll discuss in this post.

9 Tips for Tsubuyaki Processing

Tsubuyaki processing has become a popular and fun little challenge on Twitter. In this post I'll be going over some character saving tricks that can come in clutch when you're out of ideas for reducing the size of your code!

An Algorithm for Irregular Grids

A step by step tutorial to constructing a variety of irregular grids

A guide to Hexagonal Grids in P5JS

A tutorial on multiple ways to create a hexagonal grid in p5js

An algorithm for polygons with rounded corners

An approach for creating all sorts of different smooth shapes in p5, using the canvas rendering context.

An Object Oriented approach to Random Walkers

A closer look at random walkers, and how to make them explore and traverse an underlying grid, in p5js.

Glue Gun Constructs

This one's quite an odd one, where we'll make some figurines with scrap and a glue gun

Making of: Parasite

A step-by-step tutorial to recreating my parasite sketch, which involves coding all kinds of squiggly movement!

Making of: Gzork

Step-by-step guide to coding up a sketch that I submitted for processing's 20-th anniversary fundraiser. "Gzork"

A guide to making GIFs in P5JS and Processing

This article is a run down of all the possible ways you can turn your sketch into a GIF.

Perlin Noise Flow Fields in Processing - Part II

Part 2 of creating perlin noise flow fields in Processing.

Radial Perlin Noise and Generative Tree Rings

This is one of my favorite things I've made with perlin noise so far, generative tree rings.

Perlin Noise Surface Textures and Scrolling Tricks

In this part of the explorative series on Perlin Noise, we will have a look at scrolling Perlin noise across the canvas, quantizing it and obtaining interesting surface textures with it.

Simulating brush strokes with Hooke's Law in P5JS

Hooke's Law is generally found in physics and concerns the behaviour of springs, however it can also come in handy for simulating brush strokes programmatically.

Rotation and Circular Positioning

This blog post explains how to rotate objects around a circle. It also discusses how to position items equidistantly around a circle.

Creating Patterns with Grids and Sine Waves in P5

Modulating the height and width of rectangle objects, arranged in a grid-like manner, with respect to their x and y coordinates allows you to create interesting patterns, this blog post explains how to achieve this effect.

Brian Eno's Endless Music Machines

The idea of procedurally generated music is interesting, in this article we have a look at how Brian Eno sparked this idea into life and how he approached it, as well as how you can start making something similar.

Beautiful tablature and sheet music with Lillypond and Frescobaldi

We have a closer look at a free scripting language that allows us to create tablature and sheet music.

How to write interesting chord progressions

Writing interesting chord progressions can be difficult, but arming yourself with a little bit of music theory and creativity you'll be able to break out of any type musical rut.

Sketch from Scratch 1 Colorful checkerboard in P5JS

Delve with me into the wonderful world of P5JS. Procedural and generative art are becoming a lot more popular these days, so why not learn how to make some?

Migrating from Github Pages to Netlify

Github Pages and Netlify are bost fantastic solutions for hosting your first website. Switching from one to the other when you've already established your website on one of them might be a bit tricky however. But here's how you can do it!

How to set up a Breadfond

In this tutorial I will guide you through setting up a Breadfond on the Tezos blockchain using the TEIA and/or Versum smart contracts.

Making of Behind the Canvas

An in depth look into the inner workings of my crayon codes sketch Behind the Canvas

Making of Vestige

Notes and thoughts on my generative fxhash token 'Vestige'

Gorilla Sun 2021

2021 has been an incredibly exciting year for the Gorilla Sun Blog! Here's a recap of this surreal journey and a summary of all the art that I've made throughout!

A simple guide to FFmpeg

FFmpeg is an essential tool for creative coders. Here's a primer on using FFmpeg, and showcase of some of it's capabilities.

Making of: Grand Canyon

An aesthetically minimalistic sketch that is based on a boolean grid and perlin noise

Making of: Gateway

An in depth tutorial on recreating a beesandbombs' sketch! We'll have a closer look at seamlessly looping points and creating infinitely expanding patterns!

How to make sliders in P5

Sliders are a wonderful tool to add some interactivity to your sketches. Here's everything you need to know.

Parametric Functions and Particles

This is one of my favorite tricks. Albeit being very simple, visually it looks very impressive.

Perlin Noise Flow Fields in Processing - Part I

This blog post will explain how to code up a Flow Field in Processing.

Smooth curves with Perlin Noise and Recreating the Unknown Pleasures Album Cover in P5

In this part of the perlin noise tutorial series we will have a look at creating smooth curves with Perlin Noise in P5js and processing.

Introduction to Perlin Noise in P5JS and Processing

The Perlin noise generator in p5js is a fantastic feature that allows us to code up a plethora of fantastic sketches, here's a rundown of how it works as well as some examples.

Dashed Lines in P5JS

Achieving dashed lines in P5JS was more difficult than I thought it would be, here's a tutorial on how to do it. and NFTs on the Tezos Blockchain ~ What's new ~ April 2021 Mega Update

Only a month has passed, however a lot has changed in the Tezos NFT world. has become a lot slicker since it's launch roughly 2 months ago.

Getting started with Tezos and minting on

This blog post shows you how to get started with tezos and minting your first NFT on hicetnunc.

Rectangle Packing: An incredibly difficult problem

Sometimes problems can be much more difficult than they appear to be.

Sending MIDI signals between Ableton and P5JS

A tutorial on sending MIDI signals between Ableton and P5JS.

Continuous oscillating motion in P5JS with Sine functions

Creating continuous oscillating motion in P5JS can be done via sine functions, in this blog post I explain how it's done and how it can be intuitively understood.

MIDI signals from Python to Ableton Live

Sending MIDI signals from an external python script to Ableton is easy but requires a little bit of setup, which I'll guide you through in this blog post.